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How to Select the Best Ecommerce Platform

People nowadays want everything at the click of a button and this has led to a growing online shopping industry. Because so many merchants and stores are moving online, there is a competition between the enterprise ecommerce platforms. All of them offer powerful tools and useful features that are periodically updated. You should however, choose one that is convenient for you.

Which Enterprise Ecommerce Platform is the Best?

It is common knowledge that a single ecommerce platform cannot satisfy everyone. Each has its own pros and cons based on their target market. You should know the ideal functions your business requires when selecting a platform.

For example, a small business will want to choose a platform that is easier to set up so they can do it on their own while a bigger company will want to hire an expert to handle the site. You need certain freedom with the platform to be able to design your own user experience and decide what browsing options you want to make available to your customers.

Popular Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms

The market is full of ecommerce solutions but the three most prominent ones are:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magneto


It is a popular platform for the smaller and medium sized businesses. The dashboard is easy-to-use which is why it is preferred by the users who are front-end users. BigCommerce is popular for the SEO features they offer and you can personalize the performance of your store as well. It is a reliable platform that offers seven free themes and offers paid themes at anywhere between $145 to $243 per month.


The enterprise ecommerce platform that wins in the overall ranking is Shopify. From an easy setup to the simplest dashboard, Shopify has it all. The platform is popular because it caters to small, medium and large business alike. The platform is the cheapest option too because the monthly packages begin at only $9 per month. There are any themes available by default which look completely professional. Shopify also has a large variety of apps that can be added to your website and this applies to add-ons and plugins as well. The platform is the best choice for an online shop no matter which industry or target market you cater to.


The open-source platform offers a lot of flexibility to integrate third-party applications to the platform. An abundance of features are available on Magento and you can add multiple languages, currencies and locations. It is also easy to scale the store as the business continues to grow.

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